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NT Generator Program Reviews

How much do you pay in electricity bills each month? For most people, the cost of their monthly bills is much higher than they’d like. And, this price keeps going up each month. If you believe that you pay more than you’d want for electricity, there are two things you can do. First, you can continue paying exorbitant rates to continue enjoying using all your household appliances and electronic devices. Second, you can cut down on your electricity consumption by using less electricity in the house. None of these options seems appealing.

But what if you can still use all of your appliances and still cut down on your monthly electricity bills by over 80%? Over 32,000 people around the world have been doing this for years. It’s only that the secret to lowering monthly electricity bills hasn’t been exposed to the general public until today. The secret lies within a small electricity generator that was invented by the greatest inventor of all time, Nicola Tesla. Most people know it as the Bifilar Coil and understand that it can amplify current. However, very few people actually know how to build or use it. The NT generator program teaches you both.

The NT Generator Program review and Description:

Most people have been led to believe that all of Tesla’s inventions were meant to produce free electricity. However, the NT generator program teaches you how to make the best of the energy you already have. you’ll not create energy but rather be able to cut down on the amount of money you spend on the electricity you use every day. The NT generator is a small device which will amplify your electricity by up to 5 times. This means you’ll have more electricity at your disposal at any given time. You’ll therefore be able to power all your household electronics and appliances and still manage to cut on electricity costs.

Dr. Goran discovered about the NT generator while living in Croatia. He had the opportunity to live in Smiljan, Tesla’s home area for 4 years. While living there, he discovered that Smiljan residents didn’t rely on the electricity companies to power their homes. Despite this, Smiljan residents still managed to have enough electricity in their homes and also paid less in electricity bills than the rest of the population. He further discovered that the residents had learned how to build their own bifilar coils from the blueprints Nicola Tesla brought with him after his lab got burned down in the US. While there Dr. Goran learned how to build the NT generator. He provides all the steps involved in building this small electricity device in the program.

The NT Generator program includes a series of video tutorials on how to construct your own bifilar coil. While most other programs of building this coil focus on just building, the NT Generator program focuses on building a generator that can be used within the home. Dr. Goran provides step by step instructions ranging from the different materials you’ll need to construct the generator to how it can be used within the home.

Generators are generally expensive to build and operate. The NT generator is quite different. It will cost less than $70 to build one. This generator is also highly portable meaning you can carry it around and use it to power different electrical appliances. Once the NT generator is built and running, you won’t have to worry about high maintenance costs. It doesn’t need charging or regular maintenance checks. This generator is also designed to withstand different conditions such as dust and even moisture without breaking down.

The videos are also created in an easy to understand format. This makes it an ideal program for anyone regardless of technical knowledge. The simple presentation also ensures that you can have your generator up and running within two hours.

The goal of this program is to enable as many people as possible to have the ability to cut down on their electricity costs. Over 32,000 people have used the program to cut electricity bill costs by over 80%. You can join them today by placing your order. While Dr. Goran believes that this will be a great investment, he wants you to be fully satisfied with the program. That’s why you’ll receive a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s more than enough time to assess your monthly electricity bills to verify whether the generator is helping you save or not.

Pros of NT Generator Program:

– The program is available for download once you place order

– The program costs a fraction of what most people pay in monthly electricity bills

– Cutting electricity costs using this home made generator is legal

– Cut down electricity costs by over 80% within a few hours

– The NT generator is highly portable

– Provide electricity to every type of appliance or gadget

– Building this generator will cost you less than $70

– NT generator can withstand harsh conditions and doesn’t require frequent maintenance

– The program is simple to follow through regardless of technical know how

– 60 day money back guarantee

Cons of NT Generator Program:

– This program might be withdrawn soon


Many people complain that their electricity bills are high but still continue to pay them anyway. The reason for this is that they believe that they have no power to control the situation. This stems from misinformation spread by power companies that make consumers live in fear about trying to lower their electricity costs legally. The power to have enough power in your home and still pay less has been around for over a century thanks to Nicola Tesla. In fact, you can easily build your own generator and get up to 5 times more electricity within your household. Building your own generator will cost you less than you pay in your monthly bills. However, it will enable you cut on your monthly bills cost by over 80%. All you need is to invest $49, get the NT generator program and build your own generator within a few hours. You’ll need to grab your copy of this program now as it might be withdrawn due to pressure from the big energy companies.

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