Natural FX4 Reviews – Tom Jacobs

Natural FX4 Supplement Reviews – Tom Jacobs

Alopecia is a condition that affects millions of Americans. Once considered a condition that affects aging men, it’s now common in women and young men. Usually known as male (female) pattern baldness, this condition occurs in stages where the individual loses hair gradually until the final stages where hair loss is accelerated. No one wants to lose their hair. That’s why the hair loss industry is big business. Alopecia patients spend billions of dollars on hair restoration products and wigs each year. The problem is, many of these products only work for a small percentage of patients and, wigs just aren’t the best solution to losing hair.

A Natural Way To Reverse Hair Loss Using Natural FX4 Supplement:

The media, doctors and pharmaceutical companies make money by making people believe that prescription drugs are the only way to reverse hair loss. As expected, they will leave out important facts about such products which include nasty side effects, dependence on the drugs for the rest of your life and that most will only be effective for about 20% to 25% of patients. However, the most important fact they leave out is that alopecia can be reversed naturally. Here’s how.

Natural FX4 Supplement Review & Description:

Natural FX4 Supplement was created in the Naturalis Labs. The organization was founded by Carrie-Ann Turner and has Tom Jacobs as the Clinical Research Director. These researcher’s stories are similar to yours.

Carrie-Ann suffered from female pattern baldness. After consulting with her doctor, she was advised to use Minoxidil. It’s a popular hair restoration drug but it only works for an average of 25% of patients.

Tom also suffered from male pattern baldness and was advised to use Propecia. The drug can lead to prostrate enlargement and possibly prostrate cancer.

Faced with the option to continue using the respective drugs and risk possible side effects, both researchers decided to find a natural cure to alopecia, After looking into possible products, they found that most weren’t 100% natural, had possible side effects and some didn’t even work. That was when Carrie-Ann decided to found Naturalis Labs. She was later joined by Tom and other scientists. After conducting research, the result was Natural FX4.

Natural FX4 is a hair restoration supplements that contains all natural ingredients. These ingredients are backed by science and help in hair regrowth in several ways. Here’s a summary of each ingredient and what it does.

1. Zinc is an essential mineral. It plays several important roles in the body including helping improve the immune system and the secretion of sebum. Sebum nourished the hair shaft and scalp keeping hair healthy and thick.

2. Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins. It helps in the production of the oxygen carrying molecule, hemoglobin.

3. Soy bean is rich in amino acids which help the body produce testosterone and at the same time blocks DHT production.

3. Saw palmetto seeds contain a natural chemical that blocks conversion of testosterone into DHT.

4. Stinging nettle contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and oils that boost the immune system and promotes hair health.

How Natural FX4 Supplement Works:

This supplement’s ingredients work in two ways.

First, the supplement restores natural sebum production in the scalp. A dry scalp causes brittle hair which easily falls off. Sebum also nourished the hair shaft allowing it to protect itself from destructive elements such as heat and cold.

Second, the supplement helps the body to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Testosterone is one of the important hormones in men. Women also have a small amount of testosterone. This hormone is usually converted into DHT. However, if the body has high amounts of DHT, hair loss occurs. In men, high amounts of DHT can also lead to an enlarged prostrate and impotence.

Natural FX4 is designed to help you regrow lost hair in as little as 4 weeks. And although it’s meant to help reverse alopecia, the ingredients will also help men improve prostrate health and therefore reduce chances of getting prostrate cancer.

You have the option to purchase one, three or six bottles. Bulk orders come with huge discounts. Each bottle contains 90 capsules and it’s recommended you take 3 capsules per day. The supplement has proven effective for thousands of men and women that you’re guaranteed to see results. If you’re not satisfied with the results within 365 days, you can ask for a full refund. All your money will be refunded and, you won’t have to pay any fees.

Pros of Natural FX4 Supplement:

100% natural ingredients sourced from food products

Zero side effects

All ingredients are backed by science for effectiveness

You’ll see results within as little as 4 weeks

No topical creams or gels to apply to the skin

Affordable compared to conventional hair restoration techniques like prescription drugs and hair implants

Promotes prostrate health in men

Free shipping provided on every order

365 day money back guarantee

Cons of Natural FX4 Supplement:

All ingredients are readily available. However, you’ll need the right blend to see results. A change in diet won’t help you see the desired results.


No one wants to lose their thick crown of hair. Although hair loss can be caused by a number of causes, male and female pattern baldness is the most common cause. Unfortunately, it can strike anyone regardless of heredity or age. Alopecia is caused by hormonal changes in the body where DHT occurs in high amounts. This means that by blocking DHT production, you can effectively combat and reverse hair loss. This however isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are hundreds of products claiming to help tackle the problem. However, majority of these products end up causing more damage such as burning sensation in the scalp and eyes and in some cases, severe side effects like impotence in men.

From this Natural FX4 review, it’s evident that this supplement is your sure shot at restoring your hair. For men, it doubles as a way to promote prostrate health. Compared to alternative hair regrowth methods, Natural FX4 is more affordable and comes with a 365 day money back guarantee. If you want to regrow your hair back in as little as 4 weeks (one bottle), place your order for the Natural FX4 today.


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